Reverse Engineering
the Egg Inc Contract Score

Participate in the Research

We two players of Egg Inc, @williamthe5thc and @supeshoots, are attempting to reverse engineer the Egg Inc contract score formula.

Contract Score Formula: cxp-v0.1.29 (so far cxp-v0.2.0 seems to be the same)

To contribute, enter your EID and hit the big purple button. We will then download your record of evaluation data from Egg Inc.

We do not now, nor will we ever, store your EID.

You can also submit your data as often as you like. Duplicate data will be ignored. This could be especially useful if you are the type to run contracts multiple times.

If your contracts are re-evaluated, we will hold onto both copies.

You can view the evaluation data collected so far in the Evaluation Data Table. It works well in a browser, but not so much on mobile.